Refer & Earn
GT is actively hiring and welcomes the recommendations.
Do you know someone who would make a great fit for us?
Refer them and receive a one-time bonus for each successful hire: $1,000 for yourself and $1,000 for your candidate.

Everyone may refer candidates for hire. The only thing is that the referred person should be aware that his/her candidacy was recommended.

This offer is valid for all positions listed on the
GT careers page.
Who can make a referral?
Step 1. Check openings
Step 2. Submit a form
Step 3. Get feedback
How does the referral program work in GT?
Share relevant positions with your friends or/and colleagues that meet the job requirements. Have someone who fits one of the open roles? Go to Step 2.
Wait for the feedback regarding your recommendation (~ 2 working days). If your friend receives and accepts the offer you both will get a bonus. Yey!
Complete all of the required steps as directed on the form. Make sure to add your contact details, so we could inform you of the decision.
1. Offer valid until further notice.
2. $1,000 net, the referral bonus is paid in 1 month after candidate start the work.
3. $1,000 net, sign-up bonus is paid to the candidate in the first payment cycle. A pro-rated refund of the bonus is applied for candidates who leave within six months.
Terms and Conditions
Introduce your friends to one of the best career choices they'll ever make!
Have questions?
Drop us a line at and we will answer all your questions.
Fill the form to recommend a friend!
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