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Silicon Valley roots with a beating heart ♥ in Kyiv.
From Silicon Valley to Kyiv;
GT started out wanting to make life simpler for Andy's former Apple and Google buddies who needed help building products and growing their startups. As Andy got to know Ukraine's tech scene, GT suddenly became this springboard for top engineers to find incredible product careers.

Join GT and say goodbye to bread & butter projects. We've built teams who've worked on products for McLaren, Universal Studios, Jaguar Land Rover, Eagle Genomics, E-ON Energy, Vodori, Holovis, and others.

We've even got a team who work with Apple's former original architect of iOS
Our Story
What does GT Labs do?
We help clients with their product design and strategy
We dabble in startup investment
We build the world's best product teams
Chief Operating Officer
Andy Baynes
Meet our team
Andy Baynes is the CEO and co-founder of GT Labs and a former Apple, Nest, Google guy. He loves everything about Ukraine's tech scene and has been telling the world all about it for the past four years.

What makes Andy tick? Apart from great coffee and mountain biking, he's happiest when he sees the world's best devs (that's you) do really cool stuff for the world's best product companies (our friends).
John is a 30-year enterprise CTO from companies such us GlaxoSmithKline, Aimea and Mundipharma. John is literally Yoda when it comes to leadership, product management and technology. Join one of his roundtable training sessions and see for yourself.
Chief Technology Officer
John Harris
Chief Operating Officer
Olga Kochklova
Olga is a 20-year master of Project Management, a Founder of SCRY Labs and COO of a super successful Ukrainian Gaming Company. Olga knows everything there is to know about supercharged entrepreneurial growth....and what makes a really good cup of coffee.
Nikita is the Jedi knight of spreadsheets, charts, and budgets....but it's best not to disturb him when it's payroll week. He's also one of the fastest, middle-distance competitive swimmers out there.
Chief Financial Officer
Nikita Gorskykh
You want to work from home?
No BS, no middle men, no hassle....just amazing careers building really cool products!
It's all about you
no problem!
You want to come into our brand new work hub in Kyiv?
You want to the cool factor of working directly with product companies?
yep, you got it!
sure, but you're not bringing it into the office!
  • We won't bounce you from one project to another.
  • We don't get between you and the client.
  • But we do want to make you a rock star!
This is about you building your skills and career with an amazing client.
no problem!
Want you're own pet Alpaca?
Can I work from a beach in Bali?
Sure, but check with your TL and/or CTO. Some of our clients like folks to collaborate together. But if they're cool with you working from anywhere then we're cool with it too.
Is Unit City easy to get to?
There are private shuttle buses from Unit City to the metro station with more destinations being planned for WiFi buses in the future. We also pay for your metro pass.
Am I working directly for a product company - whose name goes on my CV?
Your day to day work and direction comes directly from the client. You exclusively work just for them and they do your reviews and bonuses etc. From a paperwork stand point you contractually work for GT.
What's the pay and benefits like?
GT operates in the top percentile of Ukraine pay indices- we want the very best engineers to work at GT, and if you think you're among the best then we don't want you to feel short changed.
Why should I go through GT, wouldn't it be better to contract directly with product companies?
The world is changing and it's true that many more companies are taking on contractors directly. But these companies are still in the minority. The major international product companies still want the assurance and safety that comes from a partnership with GT. GT also automatically gives you a bunch of benefits, job protection, and career guidance so you don't have to worry about haggling for it with your employer.
Will I grow and learn?
Absolutely... it's the thing we care about most, to the point where we even give you money each month to go and spend on skill development; whether it's taking English lessons or going to an event. We also set up webinars and training workshops with Andy, John, and special guests such as Andy's former Apple and Nest colleagues and founders of startups in North America and Europe. If you play your cards right you may even get a private audience with the former Apple dude who created iOS.
Ever since the interviewing stage, I was impressed by how smart, polite, and progressive the GT team is. GT is the very place where you feel like you belong, where you are heard and noticed. The only disadvantage is that after I left no other company could compare to GT :)
Vlada Zdioruk
Business Development Manager
Guys from Global Talent are a young, strong team that always does everything possible to make sure their employees work in a comfortable, pleasurable atmosphere and everybody has what they need. What is more important — the GT team is doing it from the heart.
Operations Manager
This is honestly one of the best places I have ever had a chance to work at. I am impressed at how they treat employees. Mutual trust, support, different perks — to lighten the mood, and take care of people.
Denys Kobzar
Senior NodeJS в Stuzo
Our teams build
products used by millions of people and Fortune 500 companies
Our clients raised over $300M in funding and grew their teams 5x on average since the start of their partnerships with Global Talent.
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Unit City, Building B10, Dorohozhytska St, 3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04119
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