Great teams create great products
We build efficient remote engineering teams that are managed directly by you
Vetted world-class tech talent
All overhead of running a team is on us
Your culture, set-up
and policies
Our unique access to over 50K top engineers helps us hire 3x to 5x faster than you could on your local market
We take care of every step in setting up and running your team, so you can focus on building an outstanding product
We help your unique culture flourish and mirror your set-up to make it feel like a seamless experience
Building great teams is hard, so we make it easy
Finally, it feels like somebody got it right
We been there ourselves and know the challenges you are facing first-hand. That's why we do what we do. Global Talent is built by 3 ex-startup founders and ex-Apple and Google executive.

We also have worked with over 40 CTOs and founders of high-growth tech companies to figure out the right model and approach of building exceptional engineering teams.
Non-stop recruitment
High-end workspaces
All-inclusive HR, benefits and payroll
Community & growth
Our recruiting team is sourcing talent from the market of 200k specialists discovering the elite engineers who usually do not even apply to jobs. We hire people based on the unique skillset and background you need with an average time to send you first candidates being 5 days.
We are based out of Unit.City - Eastern Europe largest and hottest tech park. Your neighbours would be companies like Snap, Bolt and Syngenta and a community of 100+ other tech startups. We are a strategic partner for UnitCity and that allows us to scale our office space quickly and get access to best deals.
We offer a long list of high-class benefits and on-the-ground HR to take care of your team. We also deal with all the boring stuff like payroll, accounting and legal. You can scale your team rapidly without having any internal HR or recruitment function at all.
We understand that to hire great talent is only half of the job. We do a lot to retain and grow your team including over 200 tech-focused events per year, happy hours and team-buildings as well as performance reviews and 1:1s on the monthly bases.
We take care
of every detail
Our HQ is based in Kyiv, Ukraine - fastest growing market in Europe by volume of tech talent
Our teams built products used by millions of people and Fortune 500 companies
Our clients raised over $300M in funding since we started working with them and grew 500% on average team-wise.
Long-term, custom-selected dedicated team of engineers managed directly by you with a flexible roadmap
Short-term team of engineers for a software development project with a defined scope and timeline
Two simple engagement models that fit your use-case
Our clients range from bootstrapped startups to corporations with over 50M customers. We will help you select the right model for your particular case and customize the details so it fits right into your wrokflow.
Focus on building and retaining a team
Average time to launch
6 weeks
HR, payroll, benefits, recruitment & office included
Focus on delivering developed software
Average time to launch
1 week
PM, HR, payroll, benefits, recruitment & office included
Get a quote and sample engineer's profiles
in 24 hours
Provide us with some basic info about your request and we will produce the quote and a few real profiles matched to your requirements.